Plastic Fantastic – Some quirky cameras i dig


Dalek Supersampler Special Edition

The Dalek Edition Supersampler

What they say:

The beauty that you see before you is the fruit of Lomographic Society’s very first artist-collaborative camera project. Their good friend Dalek has applied his graphic magic and signature “Space Monkey” motifs to dress up this four-lens serial-shooting queen: the Supersampler! Based in Brooklyn, New York, Dalek is an international sensation whose signature “Space Monkey” graphics have captivated art, photo, and graffiti heads the world around. Exploding with razor-sharp line-work, eye-popping colors, and hardcore street style, each Dalek image lives within a slightly askew world of its own.


Love the graphics!.Do not own one but they look fun and any cool artwork on a camera is good for me!. Quite fancy the idea of spraying a cheap plastic camera with my own design.Dalek SupersamplerFind out more at the site:

Lomography Diana F+

The Diana F+ Camera

They a suitable Diana colour…
Back in the early ‘60s, the Diana camera was a cult legend, famous for its dreamy, radiant, lo-fi images. The Diana F+ is a new twist on the classic – a faithful reproduction with lots of cool new features thrown in, brought to you by Lomography!


Same looks, same quality – but the modified version allows you to take pinhole photos, panoramic images, 35mm shots, and the option to use special Diana F+ lenses. The Diana F+ package includes the plug-it-in-and-fire-away Diana+ Flash (comes with color gel filters for colorsplashing!), and a Diana+ flash adaptor that you can use with any standard hotshoe flash.

Another very cool camera that produces lush snaps. It was a tough choice between this in a ‘Meg’ Limited Edition White Stripes style, or the Holga Jack…Jack won but would still love one of these and that flash looks ace.

Variety is the spice of life…

The Diana F+ Hong Meow

Apparently dedicated to her Hong Kong birthplace..and my moms!

Love the little details especially the Panda on the winding knob

diana F+ hong meowdiana F+ hong meow

Check out more info here:

SuperHeadz Blackbird,Fly

About the Blackbird…fly!

The Blackbird,fly is a twin-lens reflex camera. These limited edition Rolleiflex lookalikes shoot square images on 35mm rather than 120 (medium format) film, making development costs (and cheap scanning at home) less of an issue. You can pick them up easily enough on Ebay but they also have a rather tranquil site worth checking,if only to find out where the name came from..easy to know…Beatles fans…?

Take a look at the site here:

Ikimono Scary Cat 110 Camera

What they say:

The sweet little Ikimono 110 cameras are the bestselling mini cameras in the world. The Ikimono uses 110 film and feature illustrations of little creatures, called ikimono in Japanese, by Mika Sasaki. The plastic Ikimono snaps over a 110 film cartridge to make a tiny camera that fits in your palm or pocket. Easy to use with a simple advance knob and a one click shutter, the resulting photos have a unique retro look. 110 film was first introduced and made popular in the 1970s.  All Ikimonos come packed with a roll of 110 film, 24 exposures, color prints. 110 film can print 3 x 5 or 4 x 6 prints. Tiny, cute, collectible, and fun, the Ikimono 110 camera series has sold like crazy in Japan.

Cute they are but you can only see them selling like crazy in Japan!. It’s a kids camera alright,but most kids around London town will probably be taking photos with their mobile phones, or new Nintendo DS!. I like the graphics on them though..not sure what one i would want..Scary Cat, Donkey maybe Squirrel?.

You can find them in Urban Outfitters in London i first read about them here:

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