Posted by: farhadzb | October 11, 2009

What’s going on inside my Lomo 35

The Lomography FilmShop, your one stop shop…

A snippet from the lomography FilmShop site say’s it all:

Ah, it’s so nice that you’ve arrived. Here, have a seat on my tatami and allow me to present to you something very special. For my humble dojo is none other than the world’s greatest go-to source for new, interesting, and downright insane film. Here, I will present a hand-selected assortment of film varieties. Each film will serve a valuable purpose for Lomographers: be it crazy-vivid colors, high contrast, super-fast speed, great cross-processing potential, or buckwild special effects.’

I have some old Fuji Velvia & Provia slide film which is going in the LC-A+ and likely to be cross processed if i can get it done. And when i am done i’ll be stocking up here for my 120 & 35mm.

For all your lomo film needs, hit this site :

A place worth checking out if your near is Mac’s Cameras in Hammersmith. A real aladdins cave of  second hand treasures and ‘old school’ photography bits and pieces. Classic old cameras, lenses AND expired 120 film when they have it in stock!!

Mac’s Cameras
262 King Street, Hammersmith
London, W6 0SJ


Mac's Cameras

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