Posted by: farhadzb | October 8, 2009

Alternative cool Rangefinder…?

The Yashica Electro 35 GSN

I am looking at a few cheap rangefinders and can’t decide the best one to get but this looks a good contender!. Rich vivid colours and hyper contrast pictures is what i’m after and what this delivers…

This description from the lomo store is reeling me in:

The Yashica Electro GSN is one of the most underrated cameras around. Yielding super-sharp images, it’s a shocker that this fantastic all-rounder goes for a snippet of the price of many of its rangefinder pals!

The first Electro was introduced in Japan back in 1966. Yashica was at the forefront of rangefinder innovation and the Electro sported a unique automatic, electronic, step-less shutter. It received its name and fame from the electro-magnet that controls the speed of this shutter.

And this is from the microsite…

We all know that great rangefinders are hard to come by. So we’re going to let you into a little secret that could mean the start of a beautiful partnership for you – the Yashica Electro 35 is hands down the best buy you will find.

If it’s crowd-pleasing, stunner shots you’re after, the Yashica Electro will exceed your expectations…

The original Electro came out in 1966 and with it a new type of rangefinder was born. At that time Yashica was a leading innovator in rangefinder development. The Electro was the first of its kind to use an all electronic, stepless shutter mechanism. The revolutionary shutter was powered by an electro-magnet and this is how the camera got its name and fame.

Don’t stop there! The Yashica Electro 35 is so much more than just an electro-magnet! It is one of the few compact, semi-automatic rangefinders which uses Aperture Priority. When you adjust the aperture, the camera automatically selects the correct shutter speed. This function means that you can keep control over the depth of field. The two warning lights alert you to slower speeds and overexposure. Not only that; it’s a speedy rascal with ia 45mm f-1.7 lens and it can flash sync at ALL shutter speeds.

Tricky lighting is no beef with the Electro’s in-built ATL (above the lens) metering. The Electro 35 was years ahead of the SLR with its reactive light meter system. As long as the shutter is open the metering mechanism keeps working. Turn the light on – the meter adjusts. Likewise when you suddenly go from light to dark – the meter reacts with you.

Focussing is its forte. The large, bright viewfinder sports a diamond-shaped rangefinder patch. All you have to do is twist the focus rings to match up the ghost image. Then the parallax compensation kicks in automatically to make sure your shot is as perfect as you want it to be!

More info on the lomo dedicated microsite here:

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