Posted by: farhadzb | October 1, 2009

Wishlist…Nikon FM3a 35mm SLR

The FM series cameras  are beautiful, built like a tank, and capable of withstanding a hell of a battering – not that it would receive one in my hands!.

Scouring Ebay for a pristine example of an FM3a the moment, fingers crossed it won’t be expensive.


More Info?..

and a very informative link here:


  1. hmmm.. Truly, Nikon is one good camera brand. Go a notch higher and wish for a digital Nikon SLR. However, I do know that film shots are still the best. I hope you get your wish soon 🙂

    • Hiya, thanks for the note!, only just started putting this shutterbug site together and it’s great to hear from people with the same passion!. I have gone that notch higher, check out the current camera link under the header image ;).
      Hope to share images and links to any snaps you have.

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