Posted by: farhadzb | September 30, 2009

My New lil Lomo

The LC-A+ Compact Automat

The LC-A+ Compact Automat

I really dig this camera!, tiny enough to carry anywhere, it’s a real point and shoot dream with all the trademark  contrast and saturated colour goodness of  Lomo images, it’s always in the bag…and will be at the hospital with me to record the first images of our lil baby girl!.

And to think i nearly bought a fancy pants Canon G11!.

More Info?…

Description: Lomo LC-A+:

Harnessing the best features of the original Lomo LC-A, and rising above it with a host of new capabilities – the Lomo LC-A+ is simply the finest, most delightfully unexpected, robust, pocketable, vividly colorful, and soundly addictive snapshot camera of all time. First off, it’s got the lighting-fast zone focusing and on-point automatic exposure of the original. Next, our Chinese factory has faithfully & lovingly duplicated the original Russian Minitar 1 32/2.8 lens – yielding the same radiant colors, the knockout contrast, the edge vignetting, the powerful multicoating, and the occasionally temperamental focusing of like the original. On top of that, it now offers a Multiple Exposure switch, expanded film ISO setting to 1600, and a cable release thread.

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