Posted by: farhadzb | September 30, 2009

My Holga ‘Jack White’ Limited Edition

The Holga 'Jack White' Edition

The Holga 'Jack White' Edition

Lomography has teamed up with the The White Stripes to produce two completely custom cameras; the ‘Jack’ Holga and the ‘Meg’ Diana+. The cameras are specially designed in conjunction with the band and strictly feature all items in the band’s trademark black, white and red color scheme. Created in the 1980s the Holga is an all-plastic icon of camera design. It produces totally unique images, dripping with color and contrast. This limited edition Holga color flash camera has been renamed ‘JACK’ and features customized packaging and printed camera logos.

My Holga ‘Jack’ also came with red and clear color flash gels, a set of three custom filters, fisheye lens, the ace ‘The World through a Plastic Lens’ photo book, one 120 film roll, two “AA” batteries and a poster. The fish eye is a great lens for the Holga..

Check out the microsite and see what’s in the box!:

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